Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Winds of Change

Dear Readers,

It seems it’s time to address yet another extended absence. Over the past few months, there have been several major life changes which have left me ill-equipped to fully immerse myself in the creative process.

As you know, Murphie Bunn passed away in late January. Then, in early March, Dadda left us, too. Sometimes relationships just don’t work, no matter how much you love each other or how hard you try. To answer the first question everyone seems to ask, yes, all of the critters stayed with me. Dadda still comes to visit sometimes and helps with veterinary expenses when they arise. 

Needless to say, life has been full of difficult circumstances to which we are all still trying to adapt. 

I previously discussed trying a few new approaches and content styles for 7.6 Lbs of Awesome.  Now that we've lost three characters, (Screamin’ Shaman, Murphie Bunn, and Dadda) I think it’s time for a completely fresh start.

In fact, I believe it may be the only way 7.6 Lbs of Awesome can continue. The past has passed, and try as you might, you can never really go back to it. Our lives have changed, so the presentation of such must change as well if we are to move forward.

Perhaps the one good thing about living alone is that there is suddenly more time to pursue other endeavors. That being said, I have decided to learn web development, as well as the entirety of the Adobe CS6 software suite. 

My intention is to completely revamp the overall look and feel of 7.6 Lbs of Awesome. I still have a new character to introduce, but before I do that, I am going to completely rebuild—I am going to lay a brand new foundation for our fresh start.

I will be working to design and build a new custom website, and I also plan to learn Flash animation, so actual animated cartoons may be in the future for 7.6 Lbs of Awesome, depending on how that particular initiative progresses.

You may also see a shift in the style of my content. My next plan is to invest in a graphic design tablet. My ultimate goal is to provide more content and entertainment for you on a more regular basis, and the key to accomplishing that will be the simplification of both process and style.

Plans for the store and charitable donations remain on the long term agenda. Perhaps we will celebrate the launch of the new site with a grand opening!

Not to worry, though—you’ll still be able to find us. I will set up redirects to the new site once it’s built, so in a way, you will always be able to find us here, right where we began. 

Good things are on the horizon. 

Warm regards,

AKA ‘Mama’

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