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7.6 Lbs of Awesome is an illustrated blog about the adventures and mishaps of Mojo, Beaker, Murphie Bunn, Bella The Fail Dove, and their caretakers/devoted servants, Mama and Dadda. 

All characters are based upon real individuals and the stories are inspired by actual events.


Mojo is a poodle mix that Mama and Dadda adopted from a shelter on April 1, 2011. Mojo (or Jo, as we usually call him) was the inspiration behind this blog. When we adopted him from the pound, he was 8 months old and weighed 7.6 lbs...and he's awesome.

Mojo was an owner surrender, and even after all of this time, we still don't know why. He is hands down the friendliest, most well-behaved little dog we've ever met.  He loves everyone he meets--grownups, kids, babies, other dogs, and all animals, especially his best friend, Murphie Bunn.

To know Jo is to love him.  Everyone who meets him adores him instantly. He's a very sweet, very smart little dog who always means well, and he's happy and thankful for his new life in his forever home.  Jo is a good boy.

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Beaker is a bearded Silkie Bantam hen. She joined the family in August 2008. Beaker is perhaps the most spoiled creature on the face of the planet. She lives indoors. She sleeps in a plush pet bed with a fleece baby blanket. She even has her own teddy bear.

Beaker thinks her teddy bear is a baby chick. When she's broody, she sits on her teddy bear to keep it warm. She also claims various things around the house to incubate, like tennis balls, little rubber duckies, and small bottles of hand lotion.

When Mama and Dadda obey Beaker's wishes, she is a sweet, cuddly, and beneficent master. As far as the other animals are concerned, well...let's just say that Beaker rules the roost.

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Murphie Bunn

Murphie Bunn joined the family in April 2008.  She's an adorable, sweet little blonde lop...and she's mischief incarnate. She's crafty. She's cunning.  Murphie Bunn is a force of mass destruction, and she will eat anything and everything in her path.

Although Murphie has to be confined, she does get to come out and play with her best buddy, Mojo, almost every evening...under supervision, of course.

The funny thing about Murphie is that, even though she's confined, she still manages to make mischief.   There have been numerous occasions where we have found the remnants of shredded treat bags inside Murphie's house and discovered that she's consumed an entire month's worth of treats in one glorious, gluttonous sitting.  We don't know how this keeps happening, but somehow, some way, the bunny always wins.

Read Murphie Bunn's full story here:
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Bella The Fail Dove  

Bella joined the family in February 2004.  Doves have long been regarded as symbols of peace and serenity.  They are known for their grace and for their beautiful, soothing voices...but not Bella.  Bella fails at being a dove.

For starters, Bella is perhaps the clumsiest animal ever.  When The Fail Dove takes flight, it's best to just duck and cover.  He frequently crashes into walls, various household items, other animals, and even people's faces.  To add to that, Bella has a raspy, scratchy voice, and he often makes a 'Hee-Hee-Heeeee' noise that sounds like a maniacal cackle.  This noise is frequently followed by an equally raspy noise that sounds like 'Ooooo-waaaaah.'

Bella is also a thief. He will steal anything he can carry, like jewelry, key rings, and hair ties.  Some of his attempted heists have involved shopping bags, fresh cut flowers, and Mama’s ear bud headphones.  Thus far, he has failed to process that the headphones are connected to Mama’s computer…but that doesn’t stop him from trying with all of his might to fly away with them….over and over again.  Honestly, he’s worse than a ferret.

He pretty much wreaks havoc everywhere he goes.  In summary, if it is possible to fail, Bella will find a way.

Read Bella's full story here:
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Mama and Dadda

Mama and Dadda are the caretakers and devoted servants of this quirky menagerie of critters. Mama draws the pictures for 7.6 Lbs of Awesome, and Dadda provides feedback, suggestions, support, and encouragement. They are inter-species peace keepers who speak fluent silkie bantam and are skilled in the art of Fail Dove rescue. They try their best not to be outsmarted by the cunning Murphie Bunn, and whenever Mojo runs afoul of Beaker's expectations, they do what they can to protect him.

In short, they love their charges unconditionally and are grateful for the never ending moments of amusement.


  1. I love the last one of you guys' feet....fantastic...

  2. Really a nice arrangement, I like it lots!

  3. This like a non-crude version of that one cartoon "Cow and Chicken".

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