Thursday, June 30, 2011

Meet the Critters: Murphie Bunn

Murphie Bunn is a three year old rabbit. She has lived with Mama and Dadda since she was a very little baby bunny.  When Murphie (aka ‘The Bunn-Bunn’) became part of the family shortly before Easter 2008, she was no bigger than a softball.  She was the cutest, sweetest little bunny Mama and Dadda had ever met. 

Mama and Dadda soon discovered, however, that she was as mischievous as she was cute.  In truth, Murphie Bunn is perhaps the single most destructive creature to ever walk the face of the planet.  

As she grew and continued to gain speed and strength, Murphie became skilled at the obliteration and annihilation of all things electronic.  She moved swiftly through the house, leaving a trail of destruction in her wake.  The long list of casualties includes six sets of computer speakers, three computer mice, two cell phone chargers, one computer keyboard, countless AC adapters, and the stereo

While her preferred prey IS Mama and Dadda’s electronic devices, she will occasionally target other things for termination, like puppy beds, purse straps, dining room rugs, and plush frogs. Those inanimate objects never stood a chance against Bunn….Murphie Bunn.

As all things do, Murphie changed significantly as she grew and matured.  In her awkward teenage stage, she sported a half-lop.  

Had she been a member of a warren, this questionable ‘fashion statement’ might have inspired many jokes at her expense, but as it was, Mama and Dadda laughed at their silly looking little bunny and loved her all the same.

Murphie had lived with Mama and Dadda for about six months when Beaker joined the family. Mama and Dadda were sure Beaker and Murphie would become great friends, and they looked forward to all of the adorable Easter pictures they would surely take of the two of them together.

They were wrong.

Murphie did NOT become Beaker’s friend.  Murphie became her nemesis.  Beaker has never hated another living creature as much as she hates Murphie Bunn.

It must be said, however, that Murphie Bunn is in no way responsible for Beaker’s hatred of her. Murphie actually likes Beaker very much.  In general, Murphie likes everyone.  Beaker, on the other hand, doesn’t really like anyone (except for Mama).  She merely tolerates some members of the family more so than others. Beaker has always considered Murphie to be utterly intolerable. 

The reason for Beaker’s animosity is most likely due to a misunderstanding. Unfortunately, Murphie’s hutch is located in close proximity to the place where Beaker lays her eggs.  Because there is no rooster involved, Beaker’s eggs are not fertile and will never hatch, thus they must be removed after she lays them. 

Mama and Dadda are actually the ones that remove the eggs, but Beaker does not know this, nor will she EVER. It is a deep, dark secret that Mama and Dadda have vowed to keep from her forever, mostly because they’ve seen her reaction to the missing eggs. 

Because Murphie is always the closest to the scene of the crime, she is often falsely accused and punished for egg theft by Beaker.  When Beaker realizes that her eggs are missing, she sounds the chicken alarm and charges at Murphie’s hutch, slamming her entire body against Murphie’s house repeatedly, until Mama intervenes and puts a stop to the madness.

Murphie doesn’t really seem to mind the attacks. After all, Beaker can’t actually hurt her—she’s confined and protected by the bars of her hutch—a detail (and significant piece of innocence-proving evidence) that Beaker has unfortunately failed to recognize and process. 

Occasionally, Murphie will ‘growl’ at her (a low, completely non-menacing noise that sounds like ‘murrrr’) but other than that, Murphie pays Beaker’s relentless assaults no mind and usually doesn’t even acknowledge them.  

Mama and Dadda have since accepted the sad truth that Murphie and Beaker will never be friends.
Eventually, Murphie matured and outgrew her ‘half-lop’ phase in favor of a more symmetrical and balanced appearance. 

As an adult rabbit, she has continued to be a sweet natured, affectionate little bunny, harboring no aggression or ill will towards anyone…not even Beaker.  

At the end of Murphie’s third year with Mama and Dadda, Mojo joined the family.  Initially, she was not receptive to him. He was a stranger, and if he was anything like Beaker, he would be trouble.  For the first few days after Mojo joined the family, she ‘murrrrred’ at him and boxed the bars of her hutch with her front paws every time he came near.  

This comical action was obviously intended to intimidate him, but in reality, it only served to pique the puppy’s curiosity.  Mojo was immediately interested in Murphie, and he tried his very best to keep a polite, respectful distance.  A puppy’s best effort, however, rarely wins out over his curious and social nature. 

Within a few days, Murphie realized that Mojo was not a threat to her, and she accepted him as a member of the family.  When she was no longer wary of him, she began to take an interest in him as well, and they gradually began to socialize with each other.  

It was in Mojo that Murphie finally found the friend she sought. 

Mojo adores her and often bathes and grooms her face and ears for her.  No matter what Mojo may be doing, he always makes time to hang out with Murphie Bunn.  Murphie enjoys the doting attention and affection, and she is thankful to have another animal to interact with in a positive and friendly manner.  They are a source of happiness and companionship in each other’s lives. 

Murphie Bunn and Mojo are the very best of friends.

Up next, Bella The Fail Dove and Screamin' Shaman... 

Want to see photos of Murphie Bunn? You can!  Click here:


  1. hi there- just to say thanks for following my blog- have spent pleasant time reading here about The Critters and yes, I must agree that chickens DO make the very best pets :)

  2. @Ted and Bunny: Hi! Chickens ARE the very best pets. Beaker is perfect. I don't know what I'd do without her. Thanks for reading! There will be many more stories to come. :)

  3. I love animals too. I thought I'd pop in and say hi and invite you to my Everything Animals link party! Hope to see you there! Love and Hugs, Laura Rhodes

  4. @Rhodes Creations/Laura Rhodes: Thanks so much for the invitation! I posted my link and signed up as a follower. It's great to meet you! :)

  5. Thank you so much for stopping by! Glad to to have you at the link party! So nice to meet you, dear. Laura

  6. @Rhodes Creations: You're so very welcome! Thanks again. :)

  7. I fostered a bunny for my cousin and yes, they are extremely destructive, worse than a 4 week old kitten!

    But she got along great with my cat I almost thought about adopting a bunny. Problem is she peed outside of her litterbox onto the floor. Ick.

  8. @Sarah: Murphie Bunn is a weapon of mass destruction. Haha! I hear you about the pee problem...accidents DO happen, but we have a steam cleaner for that. :)

    We wish we could just leave her out of her hutch all the time because she's just the sweetest bunny we've ever met, but I don't think we'd have much of a house left if we did. She gets to come out and play with Mojo, though. The two of them are best buddies. :)


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