Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Adventures in Housebreaking

Mojo is an exceptionally bright little dog. It only took Mama and Dadda four days to teach him to go potty outside. As with any puppy, though, there were a few...misunderstandings...along the way.


  1. This could be about my little 8 Lb. doggy, Tinker - lol

  2. :)) This really made me smile and brought back memories. Many years ago, I had a wonderful little mixed breed dog who would only potty in the bathroom if she were left home alone for what she considered, too long. She was completely housebroken any other time, only did it on the rug in front of the toilet when left home for a few hours. I never told her I didn't mind ;)

  3. At least he pooped on the linoleum... ;-)

  4. @Jean: Awww! Tinker! What a cute name. :)

    @Deb: So glad we could bring back good memories and make you smile. :) Mixes are great, aren't they? I used to have one--best dog I ever met. Mojo's a great little dog--it only took us a few days to housebreak him. (He was an owner surrender at a shelter, we adopted him, and he is the easiest, most well-behaved puppy we've ever met!) He was pretty confused by the bathroom, though. We were pretty amused by it. He's got the whole potty outside routine down now, but he still slips up every now and again. ;)

    @Charlotte: Very true--if he's going to have an accident in the house, I can't think of a better place to do it! :)

  5. My girlfriend's dog goes in the bathroom every chance he gets. But even though he knows it is wrong and that I will scold him, he waits at the door for me to see him before running off to act like he hasn't done anything.

    On the other hand, my parent's dog used to wait for my brother to come visit, and then he would handle some business right outside the door. He knew my brother would come out from the room, step over the doggy gate in bare feet, and wouldn't be fully awake when he did so. I always thought that was hilarious.

  6. @Cousin Pat: Hahahahahaha! That IS hilarious! I love spiteful dogs--I used to have one. Best. Dog. Ever. She was a challenge, but worth every minute of it. :)

    A friend of mine's old dog got mad at everyone in their house for not letting him in when he wanted to come inside. When they finally DID let him in for the night, he left a little 'present' in front of EVERYONE'S door while they slept. One for each of them. :)

    Jo (thankfully) is easy. He WANTS to be a good boy--and he honestly thought he had it all figured out here. It was so amusing and endearing that we really couldn't be mad at him for it. :) Fortunately, he's also very smart and naturally obedient, so we got everything straightened out pretty quickly. He's been so easy to train that it's just ridiculous. It amazes me every day that he was an owner surrender in a shelter.


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